Events & Workshops at CHARM 2017

CHARM will truly charm you with the marvelous research publications and findings of scientists and medical researchers about Pain Management, Stem Cell Treatment and Regenerative Medicine. Until recently, our society has been living with make belief stories about several diseases such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal cord injuries and other disorders that are considered to be an individual’s permanent state. Although in some cases medical science still might not have an answer for a certain condition, but many of the diseases are curable or controllable with the latest advancements in science and technology.

CHARM is hosting to a bunch of workshops based on the industry’s latest research and treatment protocols and procedures. Listed below is the series of events happening at the conference:

  • Introduction to CHARM 2017 by IAMC Chairman.
  • Opening Ceremony with Health Minister.
  • Workshop on Bio Safety by Dr. Aftab Ahmed.
  • Workshop on Stem Cell Treatment & Regenerative Medicine by Dr. Shahzad Anwar, Dr. Zahid Rustam, Dr. Muhammad Waseem.
  • Workshop on Pain Management by Brig. Dr. M. Salim, Dr. Shahzad Anwar, Dr. Jamil Sabit, Dr. Salman Ahmed Salim, Dr. Zahid Rustam, Dr. Syed Mehmood Ali, Muhammad Waseem, Dr. Ehsan ul Haq Rafiq.
  • Products & Services Display by the Sponsors.
    1. Pharmaceuticals
    2.  Medical Equipment Vendors
    3. Hospitals & Clinical Centers
    4. Health Organization
    5. Medical Training Institutes
  • Media Public Interaction Event
  • Competition & Awards for Medical Students and Professionals

Live Workshop on Interventional Pain Management:

We’ll have live patients for intra articular injections, genicular RF ablations, trans-foraminal lumbar epidural injections, caudal epidural injections, SI joint injections, radio frequency procedures for lumbar facet pain, pulsed radio frequency for DRG, RACZ Procedure (Epiduroplasty), trigger point injections and selective nerve root blocks. All procedures will be performed C Arm and Ultra Sound guidance.


Brig. Dr. M. Salim, Dr. Shahzad Anwar, Dr. Jamil Sabit, Dr. Salman Ahmed Salim, Dr. Zahid Rustam, Dr. Syed Mehmood Ali, Dr. Muhammad Waseem, Dr. Ehsan ul Haq Rafiq

Live Workshop on PRP & Stem Cell Treatment (Regenerative Medicine):

Stem Cell Treatment is not an unknown term any longer. All three organizers of CHARM have assembled the recent success stories to be able to demonstrate how successful the treatment has been over the past few years. This workshop is certainly a bounty for medical professionals and students looking to specialize or pursue their career in Regenerative Medicine.

We’ll have live patients for intra articular injections, trigger point injections and latest protocols for PRP preparation.


Dr. Shahzad Anwar, Dr. Zahid Rustam, Dr. Muhammad Waseem

Workshop on Bio Safety:

Bio safety in a layman’s verbiage means prevention at a larger scale. It is the discipline of addressing safe handling and containment of infectious microorganisms and dangerous biological materials. Occupational health specialists provide specialized training to medical students, visitors and workers in biological laboratories. CHARM aims at providing its participants with this privileged training by certified experienced professionals with live demonstration and practical implementation.


Dr. Aftab Ahmed, Dr. Rabail Hussain Toor, Dr. Asif Raheem

Media Public Interaction Event

Our Media partners including Daily Jang and others  will conduct an interactive event including interview sessions and various indulging talks with the participants.

Competition & Awards for Medical Professionals and Students

Participating students and professionals will be provided with a competing platform after the workshops as a challenge. Winners of the competition will be awarded with Shields and certificates as accomplishments and a valued addition to their credentials.