CHARM 2017 Unleashes the Secrets of Hidden Pains in Your Body

Suffering from Chronic Pain? Are you a practicing Physician? Are you a resident/ trainee doctor or medical student doing your research on Degenerative diseases? Thinking about a physiotherapy session? Looking for Acupuncture Consultation? Were you recommended a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment? Are your loved ones experiencing chronic pain?

CHARM 2017 (Conference on Healing and Regenerative Medicine) has it all for you. Attending the 2 days pre-conference workshops before the actual conference (15th – 17th Dec 2017) will help you understand large number of causes that lead to chronic pain in different parts of the body. The most exciting part is that you get to learn about the most effective treatments and remedies that are referred to as Pain Management Interventions. Iffat Anwar Medical Complex along with Anwar Shah Trust, Pakistan Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Society (PSC & RMS), Society for Interventional Pain Medicine (SIPM) and National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS) has planned a comprehensive workshop on highlighting the root causes of pains with deteriorating conditions.



Our stressful work routines and irregular eating habits create a lot of untimely medical conditions, especially headaches such as migraine, lower back pains, Sciatica and pains due to degenerative or Herniated discs. During early years of career we are so engrossed in the daily work routine and competition with our colleagues that resting breaks like Lunch breaks and off days do not really matter. We spend our relaxation time in work not realizing the consequences to be tolerated over the course of time.

We have successfully addressed large number of issues and treatments for effective Pain Management during CHARM 2016. This year’s CHARM includes showcasing everything live so we can create a huge community impact.   There is a pre-conference workshop for 2 days that will focus on reasons and causes of Chronic Pain and Hands-on training “Interventions in Pain Management”.

CHARM 2017 is a golden opportunity for those who are looking for answers to several unanswered questions in mind, and long prescriptions that you are actually not convinced for. Many of us feel hounded by the idea of taking pain killers every now and then. It’s time when we think about working not on killing the pain but the actual cause of pain.


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